Truth ad Infinitum

In my last post, I compiled a brief list of links to articles that explain the concepts of consensus reality and social constructs. My conclusion was that we have a choice whether or not to listen to the small, powerful group of people who are tricking us into adopting their values at the expensive of the progression and unity of mankind.

This isn’t the only problem brought about by our subscription to certain beliefs and assigning value to potentially hollow phenomena, though. The other problem that our adhering to socially constructed standards brings about is a lack of forward movement. Agreeing to believe our ways will continue far into the future breeds personal and societal stagnation.

Our brains’ biological limitations in perceiving our reality are being used as a tool in the struggle for the topics of our thoughts.

“They are dismantling the sleeping middle class. More and more people are becoming poor. We are their cattle. We are being bred for slavery.”

– “They Live” John Carpenter, 1988

You probably already follow some people who fight this war on our behalf, like Banksy. Many of the things that we hear or see throughout our day are someone trying to steal a bit of our attention. What are they telling us?




Okay, enough of that. What we should take away from the above is this: If someone can afford to put an ad in front of our faces, we listen. We can’t resist it and they know we have to become exposed to their agenda. Furthermore, because we listen, we get distracted from efforts we could be making to better our condition. They’re planting trees in our forest, taking advantage of the fact that we were already having trouble seeing.

What’s the forest? That’s for you to decide.

Here’s some my forest in progress, if you will:

Because nations are a social construct, nations will at some point cease to exist. Because they will cease to exist, we should work towards uniting humanity instead of building walls between us. The issues we believe to be important, what makes us think they’re more important than other living beings?

Simply put, pollution is bad for things. We can bicker about whether or not global warming and climate change are real, but it doesn’t matter. Either way pollution kills living things. Forms of energy that we’ve been using pollute. What is there to argue about?

Even if pollution didn’t hurt other living beings, fossil fuels are finite. Why would we not work towards unlimited renewable energy? What is bad about having unlimited energy? We are going to need it when the fossil fuels are gone anyway.

Politics are not a football game. You don’t have to pick a team. Our system will evolve and change to the point that it looks nothing like it does now. There is no reason to fight the inevitable. Rich people want us to fight ourselves because it helps maintain the status quo, which does not benefit us in any way.

Finally, and most importantly, there are a ton of companies, governments, and other organizations that would have us believe that we shouldn’t be nice to other people. People make lots money off us not being kind to one other. The funny thing is, there aren’t many companies older than 200 years. We have to resist the attempts made to control how we act towards one another. We, the people, are the ones who will push forward into the future. It is okay to help each other. It is okay to work together towards more advanced technology. Here is the most important thing I have to say.

If a company says we should not care about people, we need to force it out of business.

If a government says we should not care about other people, we need to force reformation.

If a person says we should not care about other people, they probably need someone to be nice to them.

That last one isn’t always true, sure, but I think it is most of the time. We don’t know enough about people to be sure yet, but a little kindness won’t hurt anyone.

There are be bigger issues. There are more issues. I just want us all to start popping the bubbles around us.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think the future holds and how you think we should get to where you want us to go.

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