Gibberish from “Four”

Here’s a bit of junk from Chapter Nine of a train of thought book I wrote when I was a teenager. The book’s called “Four” and it should be out later this year.

I feel like this whole time will have been completely wasted if I don’t clear something up bring it to light and magnify it one million times that shiny light in your eye. Like a phone call telling you the baby was born but the mother died. All this is of muses and now they’re gone from me vanished werewolves, forest dweller. Anyone with such an extensive amount of their earth time spent with these mystical shimmerings should explain. They do certain things when they choose. Eat, shit, sleep and other actions we humans wouldn’t even know of since these spirits travel the universe fairly. When they do the chosen action its not a special moment but for them because the aspect is so new or few and merely for personal reasons. What I mean is, a muse shits for the experience and not as any sort of natural necessity. Its almost like art in a way. Their actions are created to inspire feelings in themselves. If the pencil on the page fades away they just write it all over again. The difference is that humans just let it go. Our writing is written on a bigger page and in better lead so it lasts longer but once our writing is over, its put in a big book and made to fade forever. In that way a muse is much more special. All this talking brings back Spook and how he said he’d meet me here. It should be soon because I could be leaving next month and the dude would never find me. I hope I can still talk to him after denouncing muses all together what a horrible thing if I couldn’t I’d be losing my best friend of the year To think about all the things gone by is awesome. Though to sit here (with an itching ass crack) pondering is no good. A horrible waste of time to myself and more so to you. Like playing cards or video games. But on the other hand I was swimming yesterday and ran my foot into the underground filter bucket cutting off the bottom of two toes and a huge chunk from my heel then the first aid kit’s entrails were all dry and aged so I treaded home dripping blood and dressed the wounds in paper towels laughing the entire time. when someone gets hurt isn’t it hilarious how peoples first thoughts are law suits? take responsibility people. Anyway, Bob asked me to the Vortex today and when I went he told me about a huge problem with Spooky Blood Sperm Man. He was on his way here to meet me and got stopped by Life herself most people just see the tiny minion apparition type Life but this was the booger herself. Spook had been causing her a lot of pain and trouble ripping off all the big sweaty balls and setting so many folks free. If you look at the world from a few feet back he has actually made some good progress. Nothings obvious until you look at it with your brain. I guess not really but whatever. Life was pissed at Spook and gave him a warning he’s lucky he got because Life could have done anything. Spook reminded her that tough guy Existence is on his side but Life must not have cared since there was a fight between the old broad and the hero that resulted in Spook going into hiding. When word gets to Existence this could mean an epic was so of course Bob wants me to ride along with him to deliver the message.

And wouldn’t you know there’s a line to see the largest deity. More like a waiting room but it takes forever for anyone to get in. As though we were purple mouth wash turned brown with blood freshly spat into the sink before the water is turned on, we wait. One day when all men are sterile and gay because of all the chemicals in the tap water, Life won’t have to work so hard since Existence will slowly die off. For now, we’re putting each and every foot up an ass in it’s way. Bob gets called in by a secretary and I’m made to wait more. The others here look nothing like what you’d expect, so you can’t describe them, this whole place feels like it is to be kept a secret. There’s no way I’d ever let this information out. All the hard work Life does to shut it down and any one of us could give it all up. All the people and things here look at me when I think that, but Bob calls me into the room and I am very much relieved. For the moment. There is nothing past the door to space Nebulae and stars how you see them in those pictures on T.V. Its me and Bob standing yet floating, proud yet terrified. The scenery changes as if we were speeding at light years around planets. Bob tells me Existence heard the details before we got there, and it was a minion sent by Life who told him. Spook has a price on his head from both deities and Existence has asked me through Bob to get the human authorities involved since he’s already an outlaw. Existence demands I turn myself in and give up information on Spook. The old guy doesn’t think it was important enough of a request to ask me himself. The scenery around us look pretty familiar and we end up back home.

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