Misc. Lyrics



Lyric 4

Your buddy took my picture
Then hid it in the sand
A girl found it four years later
took it into her hand
She looked into my eyes and cried
Said I looked too sad
Four years ago
I didn’t know
The trouble i would have

But if she saw me today
I don’t know what she’d say
Except for
The decay

I’d never seen the ocean
Or a paper photograph
I don’t remember your address
Or the last time I laughed
The wine told me a story
About men who hate themselves
I think My stomach feels horrible
But I’m too drunk to tell

But if I felt good today
I don’t know how to say it
You know
The decay

Lyric 16

Faster than a speeding bullet
The fastest thing you’ll see
The way her eyes lit up
when she said yes
to comin home with me

I drive the fastest car
But it only goes A to B
If you’re looking another destination
I got the fastest ship on the sea

But it’s only if she wants it to
It’s only if she needs it
Hold on tight and smile
We’re goin faster than a bullet

Then she slowed down real, real slow
She whispered that coming with me was a mistake
She started feeling real, real uneasy you know
About an hour ago when we passed the lake
Her eyes rolled into the back of her head
I swear I didn’t know a simple drive would kill her
I swear I didn’t mean for that girl to drop dead

Faster than a speeding bullet
The fastest thing you’ll see
Don’t say yes to goin anywhere
Never say yes to me

Lyric 19

See that girl
So alone

She got a stone
On her finger bone

A bit of gold
Under the stone

She leaves the gold
For another bone

Another girl
Not alone






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