Haiku Collection from Couch




phone book

ten little numbers

on the planet


rulers measure rules

i know one that

broke the law



so far down we



to go to outer space

they must forget

inner peace


cows chew their grass


then get eaten


women in slim black

men dress suave with candied pearls

lust in eyes dance chic


slither from nowhere

collide in advertisement

balance is joe’s home



crumbled paper towels

beautiful cherry blossoms

none will be alike


all day i crave votes

sitting at my desk i gloat

no one will know


i wrote in the perforations

lost each and every first word

i tore out meaning


the soldier cries out

i must go find my musket

he dies in the sand


The Magician

“You can not reach into your hat and

pull out a rabbit. It is a trick.”

I said to the Magician.

“You can not reach into your heart and

pull out hatred.”

He replied.


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