Start of a new Novel

After finishing “Lonesome Dove” and “The Naked and the Dead” back to back, then  listening to the “Catch 22” audio book, I was inspired to come up with something that joined them all together in a wild, funny tale that was still rich with drama. I had just bought my first real fishing pole (At 28. Crazy, right?), so I wanted to include the sport in some way as I learned more about it. I slapped together an outline one afternoon and in about a week I’ve got just over 20 pages completed. There’s a long way let to go, but I’m really enjoying writing this story so far.

I’ve written funny poems before, but never a comedy, so I’m definitely going to be running my drafts by as many people as possible before publishing or posting anything from this novel. The other novel I’m working on right now is extremely serious and dark. In addition, that one is based loosely on stories I’ve heard from other people in the various places I’ve lived. This story, while still based on other fictional works, will be my first totally original story of this length.

It may become a challenge at some point soon, but so far it’s been smooth sailing. I’ve set the mood by listening to a bunch of funk while writing. Kool and the Gang, the Meters, etc. Anyway, I figure I should post an update on everything that’s going on, since I haven’t posted a lot lately.

Right now, I’ve got two more works to publish in 2017. One is a collection of poems written this year, the other is a sort of experimental novella, in same same vein as “Naked Lunch”. All of my books are starting as ebooks, then will be published on paper a few months later. My collection “Couch to Couch” will be out on paperback on my birthday this year, June 22nd.

As for projects I’m still working on, I’ve got three at the moment. I’ve made it about a quarter of the way through one of the darker of the two novels I’m working on. As I mentioned earlier, I’m just over twenty pages into the other. The last project I’m working on right now is a collection of short stories, mostly science fiction. Before I started working on this second novel, I had a great idea for another story that I wanted to start working on. For now that’s on the back burner.

At some point, I’d like to start freelancing and ghostwriting, but we’ll see how things go with all of the things already on my plate. I’d rather publish my original artistic ideas than get distracted and not have time.

That’s it, really. Hope the folks following this are excited to get their hands on the works I’ll be publishing next month! Look for a new ebook towards the end of this month and thanks for reading!

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