Upgrading All the Things!

Things are getting better around here. I’m still working on the website, but if you go the section called “The Writer”, there’s a bio now. I’ve also added a picture and am working on linking all my social networks together to make it easier for folks to follow things. I’ve updated the official facebook page with a bit more information, too.

Even better news: The Albuquerque Alibi is printing two of my latest poems in the August 30 issue, along with a little blurb about my new paperback! I asked for a short press release, but they wanted some of my work to put in their sidebar. Not spectacular, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Other technicalities I’ll be working on this month are the look of the website and getting more junk done for this blog. Content wise, I’m still looking at the “Four” paperback and “That Which Gets in the Way” for Fall and Winter. It’s looking like my novels are both going well at both around a quarter complete, so hopefully those are ready for release next year. Once I’m done with those suckers, like I’ve posted before, it’s going to be all about my short story collection. I know I keep posting about that stuff, but it’s exciting to be making the transition to a “real” writer.

Anyway, Thanks for keeping up with what’s going on. Keep an eye out for the alibi at the end of next month if you’re in Albuquerque. I’ll be posting some more poetry, etc. soon!


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