Why did Facebook ban my ads?

Three weeks before the drop of my latest book, “This Close to Sitting Ducks”, Facebook stopped all of my running ads and banned my account from ever creating any again. No email notification, nothing notifying me on my profile, just a red bar on my ads account that said something was wrong. For them not giving me a single chance to resolve the issue, it was a tad difficult to figure out what happened. Needless to say, I appealed. The first response I got was a robot saying “Your business model violates Facebook policy. This is not reversible. Please consider this our final communication”. That wasn’t my final communication, though. I continued to message them, hoping to maybe bug someone enough that they would let me speak with a person. It goes without saying that the sales of my novel were abysmal compared to my last release. I was down dozens of pre-orders when it was released on December seventh.

November was kind of bummer of a month aside from that, as well. No sooner did I reach 25k words in my NaNoWriMo novel than I found myself stuck in bed sick for a week and a half. The next week was Thanksgiving, and family had come to visit from out of town. There’s nothing bad about that, but it did take away any chance I had of catching up.

So here I sit, December 12th, on top of a novel that I am extremely proud of, two more in the works, and another poetry collection being planned on top of that, and I can’t advertise on the platform that was bringing the most attention to my work. I’m down a reasonable amount of money that I invested in this last project, which wouldn’t be that bad, but I haven’t really made any profit from this hobby that I hope one day becomes a career.

I think today is a turning point. The direction I’m thinking about changing course to is blogging. Even though I try to post here as much as I can, it has definitely been a cob-webby part of the internet, especially as of late. Here’s what I’m thinking, though.

Instead of hiding my work, packed away on an ssd in an unlit pc case until an ebook or paperback is released, I’m going to release it here, piece by piece. What I’m thinking is something like 500 words every few days, or so. I’ve got enough already written that it will be a good amount of content, and I can also try monetizing this site (which I really didn’t want to do). Whether I start recouping some of the cost of book production here or not, I’m still going to be putting out ebooks and paperbacks of the content I post here. My work won’t be limited to that, but it seems like a good way to get a fresh start.

Some time this week I’m going to start posting the contents of “This Close to Sitting Ducks” here. I’ve already posted some of it, but we’re going to start from scratch. I’m going to reconfigure the site a bit to fit this new content release format, and it’s really all about getting time to do that in a reader friendly way.

So, please stay tuned. There’s a lot to come here in the way of poetry, prose, and literary fiction. I’ve got Sitting Ducks, about Francisco going crazy over his artistic neighbors, another novel that’s just about done called. “40 x 491”, about a group of college kids growing up in what I suppose you’d call a shithole small town, then I’ve got yet another novel about a young grandmother named Alice, who is searching for the Lost Dutchman’s treasure during what I guess you could consider a mid-life crisis.

Whatever happens, I truly appreciate all of you who take a look at my work. I’m going to keep going, trying to figure out the best way to get my content to you, and the best way for you to fully enjoy it. If you’ve been through this struggle, or are staring it in the face as you read this, drop a comment below to let me know how you think I should be going about this. I look forward to hearing from you.



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