I’m back!

It looks like I’ve been neglecting this poor site. Since my last post, I’ve published a new novel, 40 x 491. I’ve written another after that, as well as half of 40’s sequel.

Not that it matters at this point, but I’m not planning on putting that sequel out until two others are published. One will be the novel I’ve recently finished that’s somewhat unrelated. The other will be a different story about one of the characters in between 40 and its sequel.

I suppose most of this is more myself documenting my progress than anything else. I’ve enjoyed writing the books, especially this series. It was never meant to be longer than one book. So many interesting ideas popped up after writing it that I feel like the story is incomplete until I get them on paper.

One of the other activities I feel I’ve been neglecting, aside from this website, is my poetry. Having moved to a new house and then having a son has been more amazing than I could’ve imagined, but also ends up taking a lot of my time.

Right about now, I feel like I’ve got a page full of excuses. That’s not supposed to be the point of this. I’m working on and off on a combination collection of lyrics and poetry. So far, that’s been a lot of fun. Lyrics are something I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember.

Despite my constant tinnitus, I’ve also begun playing bass guitar again with my wife, a friend from an old band, and an anonymous music project online. I’m hoping to record an instrumental album soon, as we’ve already done an album of electronic songs that’s about ready to release.

That said, we’ve got at least two collections of songs now that we’ve never put out anywhere online. I think having the podcast will give us a tad bit more exposure, which is nice, but I don’t expect much of it.

I feel like that’s enough rambling for now. Hopefully, I’ll be back soon enough with a nice, cohesive and coherent post for your enjoyment. Right now I’m just glad to be able to sit down to post this.

Talk soon,


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