Back in Time

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve said anything here. Posting more is definitely one of my goals for 2023. Why not now? There’s been a lot of change at home. I started a new job this year, then another. My son is getting close to three years old, so I’ve been really enjoying as much time as possible with him. All of this growth and change has really contributed to my ability to write, or story-tell, in poetry and I really think any other types of projects I’ll be facing.

On that topic, what’s going on with my writing? There’s a whole mouth-full of information there, but it boils down to a few major points.

I’m going to be re-focusing my attention toward poetry again. There are three nearly complete novels in my library of in-progress works that I plan on finishing at some point, but I’m prioritizing poetry for the near future. That’s where my passion lies, and I think my talent. Novels have been a ton of fun to write. They also require larger blocks of time that I don’t believe I can currently justify. In the next phase of my life, I plan on releasing the works I mentioned, as well as writing more. Rest assured, the works I’ve mentioned here in the past, they’re still going to be seeing the light of day some time. Now, though, I’ve got my blinders on and want to focus on poetry.

My next poetry collection is probably around half complete. It’s hard to tell, since I don’t like to have those concrete things in mind while working, but I’d like to have somewhere around 150 poems ready to go for it. The unique thing about this collection is it also includes lyrics. I’ve probably mentioned here before that I’ve always been a musician, so this has been a great outlet to combine my creative realms. I’m really excited for this collection. I’m proud of my other works, they’ll always be special to me, each for their own reasons. This one feels different, though. It’s following in the same vein as “In your Gourd, Off the Dime” as far as the abstract nature of the work, expanding in that direction to, what I feel, is a more mature place.

I didn’t want to do a huge dump of updates, but there you go. Again, I want to post here more often starting in the next couple months. I’d like to be more familiar on my own site. As collections and writings are closer to coming out, too, this is a place I want to expand backstory and “behind-the-scenes” type content.

Thanks for checking out my update. I look forward to engaging more in the near future.

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