Poetry for Week 1 February ’23

White Jesus

there’s nothing wood about the cross

from which jesus hung

yet it burned in the fire of

the cigarette he lit for his woman

when she asked for one

we were drinking liquor

straight from the heart

of a rapist

from the bleeding forehead

of a bumbling shithead

trapped in a trunk

in a tire yard

chained down


and on fire with a flame so white

it burned the shit out of

jesus’ cross

Disagree and Drown

a drop of water’s left in my lungs

where we ended was wrong

they could see us spiral down

and the mud you made into a crown

I disagreed all along the way

dissatisfied by your chase

what you did was wrong

my wings melted in the summer sun

a lot of water’s left in my lungs 

the sun sets every night alone

if you could see me in that old gown

you would recognize the bones

those aren’t stars up in the sky

my soul was shattered by your lies

if you look me in the eye

your tricks would work on me tonight

water’s filled up my lungs

it’s more painful than I thought

the swell is pulling me to die

like a tear in the ocean’s eye

Continental Division

divide me up

sink your teeth

wrap up the song

we sang last week

we powerful humans

we are motivated

stand the light

its concentrated

let go

to your life

let go

your mind is light

stop speaking

take it all in

stay dreamin

fake it and take it all in

Galactic Violence

it wasn’t nice to hear the things that you said

in the dark of this house

why are the lights always off?

why can’t we open a god damn window?

if i have to taste the smell of your shit

one more time

because there’s no fucking airflow

we’re going to have a problem

breathing this crap is getting old

and we’ve got nowhere else to go

what did you expect

to beat me my whole life

keep me in the darkness

hide me from the cosmos

and to never face repercussions

we’ve got nowhere else to go

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