Poetry for Week 2 Feb ’23

Indents on Line 8 & 9

this room is where i always sit

this room is where i am alone

i like being alone

i like being able to put these things in a file

no one has to pick up a file from work

no one has to drop a file off at a brewery

where they’re not allowed to hang out

with whomever you’re meeting

like you’re going on a date and i’m

picking up the man you’re cheating on me with

in the car

taking you to dinner

waiting outside

reading the file i’ve been keeping things in

then taking you both to the movies

glad you had a great fucking dinner

hope you like dark ass thrillers

enjoy my life bro

i’ll just sit here

adding to my file

Stick to Your

why don’t you want meat there are better things

to do

than not eating meat

we’ve talked about meat

what changed

you don’t have to not eat meat all together

just control your portion size

limit your sodapop asshole

what makes you think you don’t know better

than me

because you don’t

you don’t know better than i do

stop committing yourself to the choice you’ve made to live a different lifestyle

become a failure like the rest of us

because we have no self control

the voice changes

the voice grows

it booms

it deafens

it kills all the cute little animals

in the forest

Concerto Eloquente 3rd

the shit you haven’t done

it rots

it builds up nasty in your


you can’t spit it out

the strings behind

the keys on the piano

wear out

and the sound gets harsh as fuck

it’s real

it hurts you

it’s green and pink puss


that’s bloody and infects

and everyone around you

puss covered zombie that

wants to eat your

shiny, good smelling

clean ass


Did You/Can You Just Give Up

can you make me a cocktail i’m sober

did you go to the bank we need that done

can you open the window i’m hot

can you get me a blanket i’m cold

can you turn off the hall light i can’t sleep

can you wake up early to take me to work

can you hurry it the fuck up i’m late

no i’m late as in we’re having a baby

no a human child that will come out of my body

a body i’ve given to you to enjoy

for your pleasure

i’m sacrificing myself for you

to fuck me

to (insert graphical description of sex)

i am on the scrotum of the gods holding the

unborn son of Him above my head

asking you to

cook dinner for once you lazy fuck

have you ever done anything around here

because it sure as shit doesn’t look like it

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