This Close to Sitting Ducks

Ah, the feeling of a new home. My wife and I are living out of boxes and bags at the moment, waiting for a big day of moving tomorrow. I figured while I have some down time, I might as well write up a quick post. My third novel has been sent off to my... Continue Reading →

Autumn Update!

Hi Everyone! It's been a crazy past few weeks here in New Mexico. I finished the first draft of my third novel, Just in time to edit my second before November! While finishing up novel two, I'm also rereleasing my books with new formatting, redoing my website and social media, and starting to really dig... Continue Reading →

Lessons Come

My first novel is in the hands of beta readers now. I edited it, handed it off to my editor, then fixed the millions of things she found. I learned so much from that process! Everything I'm doing now is so exciting. It's all so new to me. The first thing I learned is that... Continue Reading →

More Progress!

I've been lucky enough so far this month to be able to keep up with my goal of 2,000 words a day. I'll be hitting 36k tonight. In my opinion, the story's going great. It's still hard for me to believe I started this project with a single line in my head. Anyway, Chapter Eight... Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo Progress

It's been a long weekend of not getting as much work done as I should have, but that's alright. I still got enough done to be on track for finishing my second novel this month. Enough talk about what may or may not be, though. Here's a bit about some paintings: The Russian writer wore... Continue Reading →

Freeing Our Minds

Here's a work in progress essay that I've been toying with for a while. I think it's an important topic and hope you do, too. The basic gist is that we need laws and regulations for cyberspace that protect our rights. Now that companies are working on connecting our minds to machines, things are about... Continue Reading →

America’s Birthday!

About a month an a half until things get really, real, real! First, my third release will be out as an ebook Aug 18. "That Which Gets in the Way" began as a tiny collection of ten poems at the very beginning of 2017. I never had plans to publish it, but it grew into... Continue Reading →

Dates for 2017!

Good news! The dates for my releases this summer are all worked out! Here's the plan: Second ebook, a strange stream of consciousness work called "Four" will be out this Friday, May 26. My previously released "Couch to Couch" will be published on paperback on June 22 (my 29th birthday!). My second collection of poetry,... Continue Reading →

Start of a new Novel

After finishing "Lonesome Dove" and "The Naked and the Dead" back to back, thenĀ  listening to the "Catch 22" audio book, I was inspired to come up with something that joined them all together in a wild, funny tale that was still rich with drama. I had just bought my first real fishing pole (At... Continue Reading →

Beginning of a Time Tale

This is a story I'm working on about an award winning documentary film maker who is asked by a secret government organization. His trip takes a couple unexpected turns, but the government doesn't give up after a single failure... The day on which Peter found the recently opened soup kitchen started off reasonably warm, but... Continue Reading →

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