Haiku Collection from Couch

  haikus   phone book ten little numbers on the planet   rulers measure rules i know one that broke the law   s,t,e,p, so far down we f,a,l,l,   to go to outer space they must forget inner peace   cows chew their grass vegetarian then get eaten   women in slim black men... Continue Reading →

Poetry for St. Patty’s!

I stumbled upon this little poem that I wrote a while back and thought it would fit here this year. I don't even remember writing it, so I was probably drinking at the time. drool drool ye investing devotion in america, a swollen country! swollen, yes i say, by oil plugged veins that slow our... Continue Reading →

Vim Tricks for Sys Admins

I don't always write in Vim, but I am trying to do so more often since I work in it a lot of the time anyway. You can find a near infinite number of lists online of the benefits of switching to Vim. Once you get to a certain point learning it, though, it can... Continue Reading →

Misc. Lyrics

    Lyric 4 Your buddy took my picture Then hid it in the sand A girl found it four years later took it into her hand She looked into my eyes and cried Said I looked too sad Four years ago I didn't know The trouble i would have But if she saw me... Continue Reading →

Cutting in Line.

With the recent hullabaloo about immigration into America, I have been thinking about the value that I assign to other people whom I will never meet. I am trying to figure out what my life is worth to me in comparison to theirs. This is one situation I've been thinking about: Someone has taken the... Continue Reading →

Gibberish from “Four”

Here's a bit of junk from Chapter Nine of a train of thought book I wrote when I was a teenager. The book's called "Four" and it should be out later this year. I feel like this whole time will have been completely wasted if I don't clear something up bring it to light and... Continue Reading →

Ghost Right…er…

In the near future, we will be confronted with issues most of us can't imagine today. Companies are already competing to send the first ships to Mars first. When a company like SpaceX or Boeing lands on another planet, will they automatically own the land they build their headquarters on? What about tech companies? What if... Continue Reading →

Truth ad Infinitum

In my last post, I compiled a brief list of links to articles that explain the concepts of consensus reality and social constructs. My conclusion was that we have a choice whether or not to listen to the small, powerful group of people who are tricking us into adopting their values at the expensive of the progression... Continue Reading →

Truth in 2017

ciaI wasn't planning on using this site to post anything other than poetry and short stories. There are enough guides and opinions posted across the internet to drive us all crazy. It isn't like I have any kind of following or regular visitors, though, so why not post what I feel like I should say?... Continue Reading →


a drummer's drum floats mid the Arctic ocean, frosty, but beatable. Revolving chunks of ice thump against the head with resonant chime a bell choir brass trim that increasingly weighs it down. swelling wood. a wide audience discusses the poor durability the audience changes, yet discusses the resonance continues trailing

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