Poet for Hire

Personalized Poems

Send a topic or theme, whatever the occasion, and I’ll whip up a personalized, typewritten poem for you or the person of your choosing. One page poems are $20 and are usually in the mail within a week. Feel free to request extra fancy things – price may vary. Just don’t ask me to do your homework.


I’ve been making music for just as long as I’ve been writing. My first lyric book will be out some time in 2018. If you need a hand writing lyrics because of writer’s block, or whatever else, I’ve got your back. Whether you need a chorus or a whole song’s worth, send me the info and we can work out the rest.

Poetry for Events

If you’re in New Mexico, I’ll hang out at your event with my typewriter for a few hours writing poems on-demand for any guest who wants one. It’s a unique form of interactive entertainment that folks are sure to remember. Send the event info and we’ll discuss the finer details.