New Poems

The time in between books seems so long at first, but it goes by quickly. Here are some poems I wrote this week. They're not the same style as what will be in my next collection, but I think it will be cool to read these now, and then again after finishing the journey that... Continue Reading →

When Titans Pass

I've been writing poetry for something like 20 years now.  I started writing as a young boy in Hawaii and continued as I traveled the U.S. with my parents as my father hopped from job to job. It helped me express the loneliness and what comes with moving around a lot. These days, though, I... Continue Reading →

Poems from the Stream Two

I wrote more in one hour this time than I did in the entire stream last session! I had to cut it early, but I think I got some alright stuff. I was in a weird mood, so some of this is kind of playful. Posting this kind of unpolished work is a bit more... Continue Reading →

Poems from the Stream

So, live streaming my poetry writing session on YouTube went well. It was pretty much exactly what I wanted: A few folks popping in to listen/read, and a good amount of interaction. I think it was mostly three watchers at any given time, so for a first time, I think that's a success. I got... Continue Reading →

New Book’s First 5

My second paperback is out! This little guy is stream of thought. If you think of it like a dream, or like episode eight of the new Twin Peaks, you'll be good. Here are the first five pages from "Four":   CHAPTER ONE              This may be the (pseudo) introduction to the abduction of your... Continue Reading →

Really Real, Real

Before I sat down at my desktop tonight, I was thinking of posting about accomplishing goals. My second paperback just came out. I wanted to write about the ups and downs an artist experiences. Neither of my books have sold a copy in a long time, though. There's this realization, when thinking about accomplishments, that... Continue Reading →

Quick Update

Just finished the paper back manuscript for "Four"! It's been turned in for review and should be up on Amazon within the next 72 hours! The ebook is already out, for those interested. There should be a link to the right of this post. Thanks and enjoy!

WIP Novel Excerpt

Here's another bit from the rough draft of my upcoming novel. I've got a lot of editing to do, and will change a lot by the time it's on paper. That's why I'm posting it, though. Some time next year, you and I will be able to look back at this post and compare it... Continue Reading →

Behind a Curtain of LEDs

I've been thinking a bit lately about how I could better integrate my writing with the technology that we all use every day. One of the things I'm thinking about doing is live streaming some poetry writing session. Short stories and novels, at least how I've been working on mine, start out so rough and... Continue Reading →

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