Upgrading All the Things!

Things are getting better around here. I'm still working on the website, but if you go the section called "The Writer", there's a bio now. I've also added a picture and am working on linking all my social networks together to make it easier for folks to follow things. I've updated the official facebook page... Continue Reading →

New Poetry for Summer 17!

Here's a bit of a preview of my next poetry collection. Hope you enjoy! GOAT a bucket sits in a back yard full of swamp water and mosquito larva. bloating at the sides bubbling over the brim mother mosquitoes collect blood from folks side stepping past the bucket trying to get into a locked sliding... Continue Reading →

Latest work!

Here's a tidbit from one of the novel's I'm working on. It's about a man who is hit on the head and can't understand people. His friends believe he is dying and decide to take him on a road trip from El Paso to Seattle. Along the way, some strange things happen. This is where... Continue Reading →

Poetry Collection Out Now

My first collection of poetry, "From Couch to Couch, Never Leaving the House" is now available as an ebook on Amazon! I'm extremely excited to finally be sharing my work. It's a collection of my favorite poems written when I was younger. Throughout the year, I'll be releasing a few more collections of my work... Continue Reading →

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