Linux top Command Protips

WARNING: A lot of dated wizardry takes place in this tutorial, if you even want to call it that. It's partially being posted for me to track my own settings for top, but I would also absolutely love to see more people using top instead of htop. That said, top is extremely powerful, much more... Continue Reading →

PB and Done!

I just typed the last word of the first draft of my latest novel in progress, Pittsburgh Blue. She'd done. If you're interested in a raw sneak peak, check out my last post. What this means is two thirds of the first drafts I'm working on are done. One more to go, and it has... Continue Reading →

Pittsburgh Blue – New Novel

I'm just about done with the first draft of my Nano novel, Pittsburgh Blue. It's a science fiction story about a retired satellite engineer who is pulled back into the fray when a single satellite from a constellation of over 60,000 comes crashing down over Pennsylvania. What's the big deal? People in areas contaminated by... Continue Reading →

New Poetry!

Here are few poems from my upcoming collection Dark Side of My Ribs. Lies of the Old Television Set do not shoot for the stars throw bottles at them keep them out of your yard the stars want you to  play their game their way and have none of your interests in mind people are... Continue Reading →

Subscriptions and Donations

I've recently realized that I'm probably failing to maximize reader access to my books and poetry. To remedy this, I'm adding subscription service tiers that will give some of you exactly what you want. You can now sign up for Poetry, Fiction, or a combination feed. I'll be working over the next few months on... Continue Reading →

2020 – Looking Back

When I was a teenager, my parents moved our family to a small town on the coast of Georgia. Aside from the shock of being relocated from Hawaii to the mainland in the middle of winter, we also experience the joy of moving to a town with a paper factory. If you've ever been anywhere... Continue Reading →

Valiant Efforts

As of two days ago, I'm gathering the poetry that would be the first third of my next collection and I'm preparing bits of it to be sent off to contests and magazines. That seems to be the next logical step in my writing career, since I've already published a few collections. Really, I'm partially... Continue Reading →

The Swing of Things.

Having the opportunity to support my wife throughout pregnancy and in child birth has been something I've really enjoyed taking time off for. While I have been working my day job throughout most of this time, the brief sabbatical from peripheral tasks has really allowed me to absorb the full spectrum of emotions we've been... Continue Reading →

Now on Good Reads!

Hi Everyone, I may be a little late to the party, but I've recently signed up for Good Reads and set up my author profile. Please check that out, and if you've read an ebook or paperback, drop a review! I'd love to hear what you think about my stories and poems, and that's definitely... Continue Reading →

I’m back!

It looks like I've been neglecting this poor site. Since my last post, I've published a new novel, 40 x 491. I've written another after that, as well as half of 40's sequel. Not that it matters at this point, but I'm not planning on putting that sequel out until two others are published. One... Continue Reading →

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