TCTSD Chapter One

One As often as he could, Francisco sat on the porch, hands resting on his plump belly, smoking a cigar. The ash of his cigars matched his thinning hair, but was a little more gray. He found the most time to smoke in the early morning. Gurkhas and Liga Privadas were the only cigars he… Continue reading TCTSD Chapter One


This Close to Sitting Ducks, Prologue

  Before Francisco was born, his parents fucked like wild animals. When he came into the world, it was out of wedlock. His father fought in the war right after getting married, leaving behind his young son and wife. The pair lived in a small apartment with no air conditioning. It was above a bus… Continue reading This Close to Sitting Ducks, Prologue


Today, as a writer views it.

The new plant in my office brought a few bugs in with it. I've been sitting here smashing the little dudes for three days. It's always dark in here, so I'm hoping the strip of LEDs is enough for the plant, but not enough for the bugs. Either that or I'll smash them all at… Continue reading Today, as a writer views it.