That’s not where I left it…. is it?

Let's say you've got part of a novel's first draft done. Four chapters knocked out. Something happens and you decide to stop working that project for a bit. Maybe a glitch in the matrix makes you forget about it for six months, who knows? So, you finally sit down at your computer, ready to attack… Continue reading That’s not where I left it…. is it?


Top Class

Since I'm doing a tech writing series, I thought I'd do something a little fun. I know a lot of people prefer htop to top, on Linux, and that's valid, but I feel like a lot of folks ignore, or are unaware of, the awesome power of a lot of the built in tools you… Continue reading Top Class


New Puppet Series!

I'm back! Things are changing! Woo-hoo! In the past, I've really only written about writing on this blog. That is, aside from a few rants early on. Now, though, I'd like to do a series on something that I've recently become passionate about. Puppetlab's horrible documentation for Puppet. To preface this series, I should say… Continue reading New Puppet Series!