New Poetry for Summer 17!

Here’s a bit of a preview of my next poetry collection. Hope you enjoy!


a bucket sits in a back yard
full of swamp water and mosquito larva.
bloating at the sides
bubbling over the brim

mother mosquitoes collect blood from folks
side stepping past the bucket
trying to get into a locked sliding glass door
then turning around
to side step back past the bucket

This bucket
is the aura of my emotions

and those blood sucking insects
are my eyes staring straight into yours
while we lay in bed
holding each other

caughing up thick


God might look like a single cell
or a double helix

It twists and dances
limbless and numb

tiny as a grain of dirt
or virus

It duplicates and combines
limitless and curious

into you.


there’s a smell coming from the southwest
it blows north
and it ain’t leaving

so while you sit on your porch with
your french press

the air isn’t crisp

it’s afraid

shuddering in fear of the
nuclear explosion that
will kill us all

but you don’t remember they’re sitting there
as you burn your lip

even though that smell seeping out of the sand
is coming for your


a farmer frosts his wheat
with an icy breath
borrowed from his wife and

a God sees fit to cast mossy stones at us
plucked from the bottom of a filthy lake

haunted by a factory’s runoff

the water nor the wheat

it is a still day
and the farmer’s breath
is cold


you see globs of thick
colored oil
when you think of art

some of these fuckers
write about those globs
others about nature
things that just exist

the back of my eyes
when I can’t think
get slathered with that brown and green

not sure what that tells me
but I know it when I’m wiping the inside of
my skull out

it’s because I couldn’t hear the truth

it’s hard to hear what the truth sounds like
with all these people looking down on you

but take comfort knowing
they’ve probably never heard of it.

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